Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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Microsoft plans to buy videogame-ad firm | CNET "There are high expectations for in-game advertising, because it offers the promise to again connect advertisers with the desirable young male audience, which has been abandoning television and other traditional media in favor of the Internet and video games."

The new generation of in-game ads offered by Massive and rivals like Double Fusion allow advertisers to run campaigns for specific periods of time, rather than buying a slot that is hard-coded into a game. That means billboards and storefronts in games can change over time to more closely resemble the real world that some games attempt to recreate.

In an effort to close the gap on online advertising leaders Google and Yahoo, Microsoft plans to roll out a new advertising system called adCenter that sells ads across the company's Web content and services.

Massive provides ad placement Tool to complement similar technologies inside Microsoft's MSN, Live, and upcoming Vista Search properties [Tools].
Microsoft scales ad sales and Distribution.

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