Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Google's secret weapon discovered: Copy-Paste.

Here's the latest from the social networking battlefield.

In an attempt to find the difference between Google+ and Facebook, a consumer tracking study discovered that Google+ innovators did an excellent copy-paste job:

During their research, EyeTrackShop found that both social networking sites work almost exactly the same.

The pictures below show how user eyes scan the page. Looks like one of those "Find the difference" puzzles in children books.


Google is now playing two major War of Attrition strategy games: one against Apple, another against Facebook. In game theory, the simplest War of Attrition game is a contest between two players for a single object (in our case, it's the dominant position in a growth market). To attain the object, both players make investments, or bids, over a period of time and the game ends when one of the players drops out. Microsoft played this type of games extensively against its market opponents in the 1990s, with XBOX vs Playstation being a good example. [ In this 2-min video segment biologist John Maynard Smith describes how butterfiles do it during the mating season.]

Google's search business is a huge cash cow, which the company can milk for a long time to outbid its opponents. Apple's and Facebook's main resource is user loyalty, with Apple being in a slightly worse position because the market is still growing.

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