Saturday, August 06, 2011

Mobile stalemate: Apple vs Google vs RIM.

Half a year ago I wrote about data on smartphone market share, which looked like that:

Google Android - 43.6%
Apple iOS - 26.2%
RIM - 24.2%
Microsoft - 3%

9 months later, market share distribution didn't change much, except Google lost few points to Microsoft:

Google Android - 40.1%
Apple iOS - 26.6%
RIM - 23.4%
Microsoft - 5.8%

Google's growth of 5.4% over last quarter seems like a seasonal variation caused by different release schedule from hardware OEMs. It would be interesting to see revenue margins for those phones/subscribers. Google is not making any money on the OS itself, only on app sales, ads, and subscriptions. Apple is making money on phones, apps, ads, subscriptions, media - songs & video, and accessory licensing - cables, connectors, car interfaces, etc. In addition to that, Apple sells iPods and iPads, which are not included in the market share data.
Putting it all together, I think in the mobile space Apple is a much more dominant force than Google. I also wonder how the whole enterprise market is going to work out. Microsoft will probably make a big push for it, trying to grab a share from RIM.

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