Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stop digging ditches. Invest in clouds.

The world of books, including basic technologies and business models involved, is undergoing a major change. According to CNet:

Amazon is reportedly planning a Netflix-like subscription service for e-books, in a move that would be another perk for Amazon Prime subscribers.
The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is in talks with book publishers about subscription access to a library of e-books.

It's quite possible that for certain schools and cities it would be less expensive to contract with Amazon than build and maintain public book collections. Quiet study rooms that libraries provide today can be also replaced with interactive online lessons, etc.

I wish that instead of using stimulus money on roads and powerlines, which are elements of the 20th century infrastructure, we spend our taxes on broadband access and building new educational tools. Rather than forcing Amazon to collect state taxes, the governments should work out deals with the company to provide communities with access to knowledge.

Mr. President, do you hear me?

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