Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs: a 10X change for an infinite market.

It's hard to write about Steve Jobs' approach to innovation just one day after his death. Let him speak for himself. In this video, he introduces first iPod. Remember, this is years before Apple became a household name in consumer electronic devices. At the time of the speech, the company is a minor player in the IT industry dominated by PC. But Steve Jobs sees an infinite opportunity and he brings an order of magnitude change to take advantage of it:

Just to emphasize several points:

1. A major technology transition under way. [from CD to MP3]
2. A market with an infinite potential. [Everybody loves music]
3. No winning solution. [No competition in a potentially infinite market]
4. At least one order of magnitude improvement over current solutions. [ a) thousands of songs instead of hundreds; b) fast transfer of the whole library].
5. Cool design.

It's a tough set of criteria to satisfy. Out of today's devices only Amazon's Kindle/Fire fits it.

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