Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Looking beyond the 3D hype

More news about 3D:

ESPN and Discovery Communications announced plans Tuesday[1/5/10] to launch the industry's first 3D television networks.

The sports programmer will introduce a 3D network this summer, while Discovery is joining forces with Sony and Imax for a 3D network to launch in 2011.

I predict that in three years BluRay+3D will be a standard feature on high- and even medium-end PCs. All it takes is a slightly better graphics card, some clever software, and availability of content. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the porn industry jumps onto the 3D bandwagon.
Strategically, the entertainment industry has a chance to pull away from youtube amateurs and initiate the next round of video arms race. The price of equipment and skill required to produce 3D is still beyond what most of the people used to flip cameras can afford money and time-wise.
Nevertheless, fairly soon prosumers will be able to take still 3D pictures. After Avatar, the visual art is no longer about flat images. Rather its about the real or virtual world as we would it with our own eyes.

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