Sunday, January 03, 2010

The 3D light in the end of the tunnel.

Director Jeffrey Katzenberg on 3D technology (Bloomberg video):

When I look at it and I see what the qualitative enhancement is to film making, story telling, and presentation, I cannot imagine it is not our future.

I believe the entertainment industry will be one of the main drivers that will pull us out of the current recession. Over the next several years it will create demand for 3D-enabled PCs, TVs, high capacity storage and playout devices, special 3D(sun)glasses, communication services, software,  games, virtual environments, and etc.
For now, the 3D movie experience cannot be counterfeited, therefore the traditional (P2P) "free" content distribution networks are not competitive yet. Remarkably, in Russia, a country where pirated content still rules, Avatar attracted the largest theater audience ever.

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