Thursday, July 28, 2011

Invention of the Day: Mobile Accessories

I picked out these inventions from the New Scientist 1% section( the name of the section is probably a reference to Edison's famous 1% inspiration vs 99% perspiration quote.)

IBM filed a patent application for an adjustable virtual keyboard, which can be calibrated to user's typing habits. Note that on the picture below keys are of different sizes and not necessarily aligned. Would be a good idea for tablet devices.

Apple filed a patent application on a phone/audio headset that doesn't get tangled as much as conventional wired headsets. Why? Because the cable has sections with variable stiffness. The flexible sections allow the cable to bend, while the stiff ones prevent it from tangling. Kind of neat, but we all know that, according to the ideality principle, an ideal cable would conduct the signal while not existing at all. That's right, wireless cables don't get tangled.

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