Saturday, June 02, 2012

LunchTalk: Dr. Regina Dugan, DARPA Cyber Colloquium

During the Colloquium, more than 700 cyber experts from industry, academia and the hacker community learned how since 2009, DARPA has been steadily increasing its cyber research. Its budget submission for fiscal year 2012 increased cyber research funding by $88M. Over the next five years, the Agency's proposed cyber research investment expects to grow from 8 to 12 percent of its top line. These investments are shifting to activities that promise more convergence with the threat and recognize the unique needs of DoD. Dugan explained, "in the coming years DARPA will focus an increasing portion of its cyber research on the investigation of offensive capabilities to address military-specific needs."


- More video is uploaded in 60 days that's been created in 60 years by 3 major US TV networks combined.
- 29 chemical companies were subjects of computer attacks to extract data on formulas and manufacturing processes.
- in 2004 proceeds from cyber crime exceeded proceeds from selling drugs.

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