Friday, November 15, 2013

US healthcare reform disaster: California edition

The state of California set up and trademarked(!!!) its own website to handle the healthcare reform, Covered California (TM). There's also a new program for small businesses called SHOP:
Covered California’s™ SHOP is a new, online health insurance marketplace developed for small businesses with one to 50 eligible* employees.
 When you click through the SHOP links you eventually get a message that the program will be available in mid-November:

OK, the program was supposed to start on Oct 1, but the message says it's being delayed for 1.5 months. Well, today is November 15, which is mathematically speaking is mid-November, but the program is still not available. Instead of shopping online for plans, Covered California (TM) advises you to talk to your health insurance broker or visit websites of individual insurance companies. WTF! After 3+ years in the making, the state of California, including Silicon Valley, can't deliver a website on time. Unbelievable.

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