Monday, February 06, 2012

Internet cloud is becoming a utility.

Nocira, a startup founded by Martin Casado and Nick McKeown from Stanford University and Scott Shenker from University of California at Berkeley, is pushing for complete virtualization of network services.
Feb 5, 2012. VBeat -- It’s a new version of virtualization, but one for the whole network. With virtualizaiton software like VMware, a single computer can use translation software to behave as if it were dozens of different computers at once. Each “virtual machine” is a compartment within the computer that serves a particular user. But since that user isn’t using the computer, the computer can be rededicated to serve other users. It’s a more efficient way to use computers and serve users. The virtual machines can be created as needed to serve the demands of users within minutes.

Nocira's patent application Method and Apparatus for Implementing and Managing Virtual Switches  shows a translation layer sitting between user-level services and cloud hardware. When implemented, this should increase demand for computing power and memory inside the switching fabric. 

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