Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Smartphones reincarnated.

Mass production of smartphone components creates opportunities for new embedded applications based on smartphone software and hardware. For example, Romo the robot.
Feb 4, 2012. CNet -- They wanted to build a robot that, like any software-based product, could be tweaked and changed over time. Their robot needed to evolve.
The problem was cost. Nguyen, who is 25, came up with the idea of tying it all to a smartphone in order to take advantage of the powerful processor already built into the phone. This way, the most expensive part of building a robot from scratch would, in effect, be taken care of by Apple or other smartphone makers

Now we know that in the future old phones will be reincarnated as robots or some other type of computing interface for various appliances.
The PC revolution created huge opportunities for embedded computing: from dental office equipment to PC-based supermarket checkout stands to blade servers that run on Intel processors. In a similar fashion, the smartphone revolution will power new connected appliances.

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