Monday, December 30, 2013

Cloud security: a new kind of an arms race in 2014

To me, the most interesting high-tech trend to watch in 2014 will be the competition between US government agencies, e.g. NSA, and US private high-tech companies, e.g. Google, Facebook, and others. Given the recent court decision, we can easily predict that the US government will continue intercepting, storing, and decrypting private and commercial electronic traffic. On the other hand, cloud companies like Google built their business on user trust and data security. They've already started the process of rethinking system security, including broad use of strong encryption algorithms.

An implicit assumption in the industry is that if the government can break into your data then any skilled hacker can do the same. In short, the deliberate weakening of security standards creates a direct threat to commercial cloud computing. As a result, we should see an arms race between the government and businesses in the area of digital security. Before, arms races were an exclusive domain of rival governments. Today, the global nature of the Internet brings a new category of players into the picture. We should expect exciting innovations ahead. Maybe even quantum computing will become a reality sooner, rather than later.

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