Monday, December 09, 2013

Steve Jobs vs Elon Musk: an innovation perspective

Some raw notes for the BUS/SCI 117 course and book draft:

1. Many in the media and VC community say that Elon Musk is "Steve Jobs today."
-- 1.1. Based, e.g., on the marketing flair he presents his products.
2. How can we evaluate these statements?
3. Let's take an "innovation impact" point of view
4. Steve Jobs was instrumental in 3 technology/business revolutions
-- 4.1. PC (Apple)
-- 4.2. computer animation (Pixar)
-- 4.3. smartphone and connected media (Apple)
5. Elon Musk  was instrumental in 3 technology/business developments
-- 5.1. Person-to-person electronic payments (PayPal)
-- 5.2. Private space vehicle operations (Space X)
-- 5.3. Luxury electric car (Tesla Motors)
6. Steve Jobs' innovations initiated major changes in lives of billions of people (the "New World" test)
-- 6.1. Applications of Moore's, Nielsen's, Kryder's laws
-- 6.2. System-level impact: solving a Synthesis problem for new industries
----6.2.1. Exponential growth of devices, apps, services, communications
7. Elon Musk's innovations target(ed) lucrative niches
-- 7.1. long-distance money transactions between untrusted market participants
---- 7.1.1. One element of a much larger system (Deontic Payload)
-- 7.2. US government exit from space exploration
-- 7.3. Green-minded segment of the "conspicuous consumption" population
---- 7.3.1. Compare to Hummer, BMW, Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius
8. Conclusion: Elon Musk's innovations are not even close to those of Steve Jobs' (yet)
-- 8.1. Has a chance if somebody develops an energy element (e.g. battery) with exponential growth of energy density or an extremely low resistance material (superconductor at high T)

tags: innovation, system, creativity, synthesis, deontic, payload, battle

Just for fun, a highly superficial visual comparison bw EM and SJ at

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