Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learning while playing

Jan 12, 2012. VBeat -- Ryan Carson, the web design guru behind Carsonified, wants to teach you how to code. And he says he can do it in just five minutes using a web-based game. “We’re doing $2 million [annually] in revenue,” he says. “We’re profitable, and we’re increasing revenue by a million dollars every three months.”
Players can race each other to finish coding challenges, and along they way, they unlock rewards.
Code Racer comes from Treehouse, Carson’s code-and-design-focused startup. Treehouse lets visitors watch videos and learn basic web skills. The more you learn, the more badges you can unlock — and some badges, like the Advanced Node.js badge or the Rails Foundations badge, can earn you interviews with companies like Facebook and WordPress. 

This combination of short-term rewards (game prizes) with long-term goals (a job interview at a high profile company) is a very powerful idea. Can be a template for a real breakthrough.

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