Thursday, January 19, 2012

Your wrist as a gadget real estate.

Mobile phones effectively killed wrist watches. Now, electronic gear manufacturers are trying to reclaim your wrist for their devices. For example, this NYT article describes a variety of wristbands that can help you with your New Year resolutions. In addition to that,

- Nike introduced FuelBand, a wristband device to track calories burned during the day;
- Sony Ericsson brings to the market Smartwatch, an Android-based communicator;
- MIT is working on a wristband for controlling your home devices;
- Basis made waves at CES with its Basis Band, a vitals tracking device to monitor your lifestyle, including stress levels.

It appears Personal Area Network is becoming a reality. At least some of its aspects are covered in my US Patent 6,838,986 (claim 1.)

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