Monday, January 30, 2012

Solera - another player in cloud security.

Solera Networks, a startup focused on real-time traffic analysis, got $20M from Intel Capital.
January 30, 2012. VBeat -- When hackers strike at company web sites, there is often no easy way to figure out what happened. Solera helps companies reconstruct exactly what transpired. The value of that data is often critical to figuring out who did it, much like the evidence found at a crime scene is often most critical in the first 48 hours. It’s important that network forensics be done instantaneously to give companies the best situational awareness possible.
In 2010, Intel acquired McAfee for $7.6B to beef up its offering of security software and services. Compared to that, the Solera investment looks like small potatoes, but it shows the general drive toward a more secure cloud. The web as we know it is dying, while mobile real-time networking proliferates. The demand for security in this new environment is going to be orders of magnitude greater than during the heydays of web.

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