Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ripping off for fun and profit - 3

VBeat runs a story on 14 best copycat Internet services/apps in China. Definitely, there's a different understanding of innovation there.
Jan 22, 2012. VBeat -- People outside of China often wonder why the Chinese love to copy things. The answer is that it’s the way they’re taught to learn. Follow the teacher, recite books, and don’t challenge authority.
Not copying would almost represent a missed opportunity.
One trend we noticed is that the best clones are often created by very large Chinese tech companies with existing resources and money. It shows how tough the environment is for grassroots startups trying to compete against the big guys. It is also telling of the health of China’s startup eco-system — big companies can and will simply crush anything they see as a threat.
How is it possible to compete with this business model? Keeping technology secret seems to be the only way to succeed. In other words, globally we are back to the 17th century intellectual property system.

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