Tuesday, January 17, 2012

notebook: bits and pieces.

1. "researchers showed in another 2009 study that the youngest firms (less than 5 years old) accounted for almost the entire net job creation in 1980-2005." (St. Luis Fed.)

2. Amazon  "has added a free version of Windows Server to the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service." (CNet.)

3. Blood test on mother detects fetus's sex at five weeks. (New Scientist.)

4. Apple sues Samsung in Germany over mobile patents. (VBeat.)

5. Apple got two patents issued on playlist-based streaming - US 8,099,476; 8,099,473. Both patents reference our 2002 invention, now US Patent 7,917,557.

6. UC Berkeley podcast for next week dog walks: American Economic History, by Brad DeLong.

7. Decline in electricity prices - another nail in the green energy coffin. (Bloomberg.)

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