Saturday, January 14, 2012

Google: Let's Do Some Evil!

VBeat complains about Google using its dominance in the search market to promote Google+. When Microsoft used a similar market dominance tactic to promote Office and other products on Windows, a lot of people in the developer community thought them to be evil. Now we see how corporate logic takes over good intentions on the Internet.
Jan 14, 2012. VBeat -- Google’s introduction of Google+ links into its search results is a big departure from the company’s previous more neutral approach to search, and it exposes the company to a huge risk.

By offering us only Google+ results, Google is forcing us to go outside of Google to find a fair representation for social results competitors like Facebook or Twitter. Those companies have larger usage, and therefore they have more relevant results.

Twitter is open, Facebook is semi-open, therefore, Google will be able to dominate search, including its social component. Will Facebook go the way Yahoo Maps went when Google started favoring its own mapping service? I don't think so. But the gloves are off in the social networking market. First, Google ripped off Facebook user interface, now they start favoring Google+ in search results. I won't be surprised if Android comes with Google+ as the default social option. Somehow they need to pay for this $12.5B Motorola acquisition. For all intents and purposes, Google is the new Microsoft.

Go 49ers!

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