Saturday, December 03, 2011

Lunch Talk: Golden rules for raising a child.

One of the most common tricks in psychological research to get a person say what s/he really wants from the future is to ask the person how s/he sees his or her children future. When people talk about children they express their true, but often unfulfilled, desires. (Try it on yourself some time.)

Here's a brief description of the talk from Authors at Google:
In this book, renowned expert David L. Kirp clarifies the importance of investing wisely in children. He outlines a visionary "Kids First" policy agenda that's guided by a "golden rule" principle: Every child deserves what's good enough for a child you love. And he offers lively and inspiring, on-the-ground accounts of five big cradle-to-college initiatives that can change the arc of all children's lives: strong support for parents; high-quality early education; linking schools and communities to improve what both offer children; giving all youngsters access to a caring and stable adult mentor; and providing kids a nest egg to help pay for college or kick-start a career.

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