Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lunch Talk schedule for the week of 12/11-12/17

Sunday, the 11th. Exercise and Brain. John Ratey, M.D., of Harvard Medical School talks about the relationship between physical and mental activities.

Monday, the 12th. Predictably Irrational. Professor Dan Ariely gives a talk at Google about his 2008 book.

Tuesday, the 13th. A UC Berkeley sociology lecture about Status. Important for understanding the fundamental dynamics of social networking as well.

Wednesday, the 14th. A lecture at Yale by Robert J. Shiller about Behavioral Finance, a field of economics he helped create.

Thursday, the 15th. A 3-minute TED talk about the practical aspects of goal setting.

Friday, the 16th. Stanford's Entrepreneurship Corner - Diverging Thinking and the need to see a problem from a different perspective.

Saturday, the 17th. The secret history of Silicon Valley - a talk at Google about the link between Silicon Valley pioneers and the military.

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