Tuesday, December 20, 2011

VC and startup news

Research shows that 2011 put startups back on the map.
Dec 20, 2011. CNet - If the final quarter shapes up as it looks like it will, venture capital deals will total $30 billion for the year, a 25-percent jump from 2010, according to Anand Sanwal, whose firm, CB Insights, tracks investment activity among VCs and some big angel investors. 

Sean Parker warns of an angel investor bubble:
Q: But the public markets aren't the only option. Google bought 27 companies just in the last quarter.
Parker: Google bought 27 companies last quarter and a lot of them are talent acquisitions, in some cases paying $1 million an engineer. That can't last forever. There's way more startups getting founded now than there are companies than Google and Facebook want to buy. 
In the meantime, fed up with immigration restrictions, Blueseed envisions an offshore startup incubator close to the Silicon Valley and just outside of California waters (Dec 14, 2011. NYT.)

Soon, we'll be offering startup cruises with all season swimming and skiing.

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