Monday, December 12, 2011

Zynga Timeline

VBeat has a timeline of Zynga, from April 19, 2007 when Mark Pincus started PresidioMedia, till present. I pulled out a piece around the key social media platform acquisition on June 5, 2009.

July 31, 2009 — Surpassing Yahoo Games, Zynga becomes biggest online game operator in the U.S. with 44 million monthly unique users. Pincus says that Zynga will generate more than $100 million in revenues in 2009. Zynga has 330 employees and 110 open jobs.
June 30, 2009Zynga hires Brian Reynolds as chief game designer. He sets up Zynga East as a new game studio in Baltimore, Md.
June 22, 2009 — FarmVille launches. It will grow to become the biggest social game of its time.
June 13, 2009 — The company bans a number of players for hacking the system to get more poker chips.
June 12, 2009 — Mark Pincus says Zynga is not planning an IPO. The company has more than 250 employees. Top rivals include Playfish, Playdom and SGN.
June 5, 2009 — Zynga acquires social network and game maker MyMiniLife. The company’s game engine becomes the infrastructure for FarmVille.
March 24, 2009 — At the first annual GamesBeat conference, Mark Pincus declares that social gaming isn’t a fad.
Around that time, Zynga had become a game platform on top of Facebook application platform. 

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