Thursday, January 30, 2014

Smartphone apps: mobile and insecure.

MIT Technology review writes:

A 2012 study of 13,500 Android apps by researchers in Germany found that only 0.8 percent used encrypted connections exclusively, and that 43 percent use no encryption at all. Last week mobile app security company MetaIntell reported that 92 percent of the 500 most popular Android applications communicated some data insecurely.

To move into the enterprise on scale, mobile devices and apps have to become secure. The same goes for mobile payments and NFC-based apps. Enhanced security requirements will demand more computing power, which many companies would not able to afford. As a result, secure cloud-based services will have an opportunity for long-term growth. Although before that, NSA surveylance issues have to be resolved, so that customers feel comfortable with having their vital data hosted externally.

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