Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Brave New China.

(November 23, 2011. VBeat) - Smartphone sales in China for the third quarter of 2011 surpassed U.S. sales, making China the largest smartphone market by volume, reports Strategy Analytics.

The firm’s research found that smartphone shipments reached 23.9 million units in China during Q3, while the U.S. had 23.3 million units shipped.
Nokia leads China’s smartphone market with a share of 28 percent. HTC, on the other hand, leads the US market with 24 percent .
 It is important to note that China is entering a stage in its technological development when its scale  requires new solutions. That is, over the last thirty years, since the introduction of economic reforms, the country could reuse solutions developed elsewhere. Now, they will be increasingly encountering unsolved problems (see e.g. my earlier post about diabetes II in China.) There's no country on the planet that has experience in solving those problems on China's population scale of 1.3 billion people.

In view of that, I believe, over time China will adopt IP laws and enforcement practices similar to those of the US and Europe. The society will have to provide IP protection incentives to inventors and innovators who take on the new problems.

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