Monday, November 14, 2011

An easy solution to a growing problem.

(November 14, 2011. Businessweek) - About 30 million Americans, or 13 percent of the population, have hearing loss in both ears, and 48 million, or 20 percent, in at least one ear, according to a study published today in the Archives of Internal Medicine. That exceeds previous estimates, which put the number of people with hearing loss at 21 million to 29 million, the researchers said.
The problem is much simpler than the situation with vision defects, especially, when children and people over 40 are concerned. Wearing glasses or contact lenses seems to be socially acceptable, while hearing aids carry a bit of a stigma. If not for the stigma, modern electronics would provide a cheap and effective solution to the hearing loss problem. It could be a good business opportunity. You can create custom audio processing algorithms, along the lines of our old invention, to compensate for the defects.
 In contrast, the growing Diabetes II epidemic is a much tougher issue to deal with, and it cannot be solved with technology alone.

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