Monday, November 28, 2011

The Patent Paradox - BUS 111.

Today, registration for the Winter '12 quarter at Stanford Continuing Studies begins. This post may  qualify as a shameless self-promotion, but I'm really excited about the recent developments.

The material John Kelley and I are going to present is shaping up great. Students will be able to see all sides participating in the patent process, from invention to entrepreneurship to litigation. Here's a preliminary list of guest speakers who have already agreed to talk to the class:

- The Honorable Ronald M. Whyte, Senior District Judge, United States District Court, Northern District of California;
- Peter Staple, President and CEO, Corium International, Inc.;
- John Markoff, Senior Writer, The New York Times;
- Ron Laurie, Managing Director, Inflexion Point Strategy;
- Mark A. Haynes, Haynes Beffel & Wolfeld, LLP.;
- Joe Greco, Beck, Ross, Bismonte & Finley, LLP.

We are still talking to a couple more high-profile people in hi-tech to represent the business side of patents. I expect we'll have a great lineup for students to ask questions and get first-hand impressions of what's involved in the Patent Paradox.

The course code is BUS 111.  Today is the first day of registration and you can do it on Stanford website (click).

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