Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leadership principles in hi-tech.

John Riccitiello, the CEO of Electronic Arts, describes his two principles of leadership:
(Nov 26, 2011. NYT) - So you’ve got to find a way to be incredibly consistent, so when other people repeat the same thing it conjures up the same picture, the same vision for everyone else.
...people are afraid, and you need to paint a picture that everyone can buy into, even though you’re not even sure yourself it’s going to work because you’re trying to see to the other side of a technology transformation. And if you’re not confident, then they remain scared. 

And the second thing is that if you were a key contributor to a process of bringing a great product to market, not only were we going to support you, but my No. 1 job is to get the blockers out of the way so your product can find a marketplace.

Very similar to Steve Jobs' "reality distortion field" and Jeff Bezos' long-term bets, which is also a form of making people believe into a certain future. 

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